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Dr. John Cloonan has devoted himself to the health and well being of each one of his patients. His patients love him because of the special care they receive.

Enjoy this sampling of patient testimonials.

-- Nellie K. --
I have been coming to see Dr. Cloonan for over 20 years now.

In 2005 I was in a head-on collision. Ten months later I was in yet another accident. After my first accident, I started to do Bio Cranial treatments. My leg had been hurting and he had adjusted me the week before, but it was starting to hurt again. 

This time he did the Bio Cranial treatment and would you believe - it did not hurt again. It is amazing how the Bio Cranial works. I am hooked.

I seem to have more energy and strength then others of my age group...I believe it is because of Dr. Cloonan and his chiropractic care. My children also come to see Dr. Cloonan. 

I highly recommend Dr. Cloonan and chiropractic care to everyone.
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